Tuesday 21 February, 2012

Feed Me – Relocation


Jon Gooch, who originally entered the EDM scene as Spor and later changed his alias to Feed Me, is well known for his mastery of electro-house. With a highly unique, original sound, he’s the kind of artist where you hear a song and you say “Oh, this is Feed Me, this is sick.” And clearly, there is no stopping the man; he just released his new EP, Escape from Electric Mountain a few days ago, and it doesn’t disappoint. This track, Relocation, is a prime example of the Mau5trap label artist’s outstanding mastery of… Progressive House? That’s right. With a smooth, perfectly progressive sound, unique style, and high quality production, this is definitely a track to keep on repeat, and to enjoy every second of listening. The last few minutes of the song hold an unexpected surprise, so make sure to listen to this one all the way through! Here’s to you, Feed Me, for being a master of your art. Enjoy!

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 Feed Me - Relocation

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